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Rather than calling these targeted killings, they should probably be seen as speculative murders — the act of terminating someone’s life when the U.S. government has the suspicion that person might pose an unspecified threat in the future.

Paul Woodward at War in Context. How American drone strikes are devastating Yemen

Woodward responding to a piece by Adam Baron at McClatchy.

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Full Moon (Death Classic) | Death Grips

Hit it, split it, make it cum get wetted,
Come again come get it

Seen it happening before it even happened swing the door open and buck ‘em down
Course I’m just fuckin’ around
But nevermind the way it sound
Everytime we make it pound
Straight into the pavement now

Whip it, bleed it, cause it pain
Eat it, shit it out and change
Lanes at speeds that seem insane,
To them petty pussy brains
Push me and they will be slain
Drag this past the point and claim
That shit as if it was your name
Like its attached to yours with chains
Own it ‘til shit goes up in flames

And there really aint no one to blame

No one to blame, its all the same
Like blurred faces on subway trains
Cant take it man, cant take the pain

Pain of the game
Makes me insane
Makes me fuck up my whole thang

What’d you bring
Where’d you get it
Give here I said dont sweat it

I’m gonna take it around for a bit
And I dont care if you give a shit

I’m gonna take it around for a bit
And I dont care if you give a shit
Punk… BITCH…

Goin through the motions
Just to make shit happen right,
Never knowin where we’re goin
Just rollin’ like waves at night

Make it or break it just dont sleep on it
Sleepers get shot down you lost it,
Trying to act like you got it
Nevermind t he way it sound
Every time we make it pound
Straight into the pavement now

Shot it up, get it hot, what
I know you know you said too much,
Did too much, way too much
Fuck that shit man that shit sucks

Volume turned all the way up
You already know its going down

I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough
Shut up right now

Feel it in my gut right now
Throw it up, give it up like OWW

Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck BLOU
get up… get up…

All over the place, all in your face
All up in it, talkin bout cant wait,
To bring it even harder the next,
Time I creep through the beat possessed

Howling on that mountain peak
Feeling like hells up in my chest

Feel the fire rise, rise so high, so high I rise
Eye to eye with death

Gazing through me like an uzi
Spraying through me bag of flesh

Body bag of flesh
Aint nothing left
Toe tag me up zip the bag and check it

Oh no he’s been resurrected

Get up.. get up..

Zombie holocaust in seconds

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
From what we know, down deep inside

Hell if I know, just wanna ride
Until the wheels, fall off and I
Run off the road, know telling why

Hear them cry

Man I just don’t wanna die
Just dont wanna why
Is everything always happening
In the blink of eye
This better be the last time me
Ever see you in my life
Steadily to the death passing
Everything that dont seem tight

Goin through the motions
Just to make shit happen right
Never knowin’ where we’re goin
Just rollin’ like waves at night

DJ Rashad - We On 1 (SBELLE001)


DJ Rashad - We On 1 EP

SBELLE001 Southern Belle Recordings

Vinyl April 28th & Digital May 13th


Julia Watkins ~ "Moon Dancer"

The swirls in this image represents the spiritual energy that exists
all around us. Pioneered by artist Julia Watkins, this art style, known
as “energism" seeks to use art to help humanity connect to universal
energy flow promoting both healing and higher consciousness.

Ms. Watkins artwork is currently in the collections of such notables as Deepak Chopra and Carnegie Mellon University.


Kauai Valley, Hawaii
Thorsten Scheuermann


Cold War diplomacy was easier to handle, Kerry says

The top US diplomat has complained that Cold War diplomacy was much easier to handle than the challenges he faces today. John Kerry said that even bad decisions in the past led to victories, which are harder to achieve in a multi-polar world.

Speaking at the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) Launch, which focuses mainly on academic debate in US foreign policy, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that “during the Cold War, it actually – it may not have seemed so at the time, obviously, to great leaders, but it was easier than it is today – simpler is maybe a way to put it.”

“We could make really bad decisions and still win because we were pretty much the sole dominant economic and military power around,” Kerry said. “That’s not true anymore.”

My writings are daily affirmations of death. I am painting myself into a corner until there is only one inevitable act left. I am killing every belief and breaking down every value that upholds my very life until what is left is nothing. An experiment in nihilism, I am destroying all values that uphold life until I am left with nowhere to stand.
Mitchell Heisman, from Suicide Note  (via poeticsofdeath)


Félix Vallotton: La Liseuse, 1922.


The Case Against Cars

The look on the receptionist’s face told me I had said something wrong. It was a maternal expression, like that of an elderly woman who has found her grandkid outside in the cold with a runny nose but no jacket. There was genuine concern in her eyes, but her pursed lips suggested a certain annoyed disbelief: Just what were you thinking, if you were thinking at all?

“You don’t have a car?” she asked, accusingly.

“I don’t have a car,” I replied.

It was my first day at a new job, and I had taken the bus that morning. That bus took me to a subway—a futuristic train that goes underneath Los Angeles in order to get from one place to another—so I didn’t need a car, just like I didn’t need the people’s history of the local parking situation she had graciously given me. Seriously, the subway is, like, right over there.

She nodded her head and forced a smile the way tourists do when they don’t understand a word you are saying.

This happens almost daily: We, the car-less of Los Angeles, must confess our lack of an automobile as if it were a character defect on par with betting on dogfighting. You risk being judged not only at your workplace but at the supermarket, where the teenage bagger asks if you need any help carrying those boxes of generic cereal out to your four-wheeled expression of self. Having a car shows that you have the financial means to own a car. Not having a car makes people assume you live at home and have an unhealthy relationship with your mother—and as sexy local singles say, that’s a deal-breaker.

So it’s a bit heretical when I say I like not having a car. It’s actually rather nice to leave the driving to someone else and not have to worry about steering your personal air-conditioned death box at 70 miles an hour on a freeway full of idiots—and hundreds of thousands of people in the LA metro region agree with me on this. Sure, it takes a bit longer to get somewhere—30 minutes instead of 15—but you also don’t have to spend 20 minutes circling the block for parking whenever you go out. And there are buses and trains that go almost anywhere, and by taking them you free yourself from worry about car payments, parking tickets, and DUIs.

You also don’t need to worry about getting mutilated in a horrific car accident. According to the US government, more than 2.3 million people were injured and 33,500 died on America’s roads in 2012. For people in the US between the ages of one and 44, motor vehicles are the leading cause of death. Avoid driving on a freeway and you significantly reduce your chance of being injured or killed on one.



Scottish Batman [pandyland]


Hope Gangloff_Minnewaska Lodge (Blaze Lamper)_2011