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Dr. Strange - Steve Ditko


Salvador Dali ~ “Untitled, Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein”, 1942


Salvador Dali ~ “Untitled, Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein”, 1942

I live for coincidences. They briefly give to me the illusion or the hope that there’s a pattern to my life, and if there’s a pattern, then maybe I’m moving toward some kind of destiny where it’s all explained.
Jonathan Ames, My Less Than Secret Life: A Diary, Fiction, Essays (via observando)


Daido Moriyama


 RSConnett ~ “BUGGED

"It was an idea I got while I was being harassed and pulled in 16 directions at once, in other words, I was being "BUGGED"!  I’m pretty sure anyone reading this can relate. It seems no matter how carefully we plan to create stability in our lives, there is constantly something thrown our way to bug us.”

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jj - Still

jj - Still
from ‘Kills’ mixtape

There is a real interesting phenomenon in women’s sexuality—not seen in men’s—and that is this divide between what erotica should be and what actually turns women on,” Ogas told AlterNet. “Studies show that what turns women on is different to what they wish turned them on or how they politically feel about it. There is a paradox in the brain that women have to wrestle with. Men like what they like sexually. But with women, we see political manifestos embedded in their sexuality, with just as much emphasis on whether or not we’re discriminating on any particular gender or race. Whereas, for a man that just doesn’t occur.


Today’s Classic: Edvard Munch (1863-1944)

1. The Scream (1893)

2. Madonna (1894)

3. Puberty (1894)

4. The Hands (1893)

5. The Vampire (1894)

A 2008 study found that women showed signs of arousal watching pretty much anything… except pictures of naked men
What Kind of Porn Turns Women On? (via nevver)

Racial Injustice in Milwaukee: Crime and Punishment

On December 14, 2012, a young black high school student named Corey Stingley was aggressively restrained after he tried to shoplift alcohol from a neighborhood store. Three white men held Corey to the ground, “squeezing the hell out of him,” according to an eyewitness. When the police arrived, he was no longer breathing. He died two weeks later from brain injuries resulting from asphyxiation. The men who restrained him were never charged.

Corey’s story is painfully similar to those of young black men across the country. Did his skin color preemptively decide his fate in the American justice system? VICE News follows Corey’s father, Craig, as he seeks justice in the hyper-segregated Wisconsin city of West Allis, and mourns the death of his son.


Can carbon dioxide removal save the planet? 

Imagine 10 million car-sized contraptions dotted along shorelines and scattered throughout open spaces that suck carbon dioxide from the air, powered by vast amounts of electricity and water. Or immense complexes for pulverizing and dumping limestone into the oceans at rates near the current use of coal. Or arable land devoted to growing biofuel rather than food on a planet with 9 billion people to feed.

The failure to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions will likely require countries to organize such massive efforts — called carbon-dioxide removal (CDR) techniques — or face temperatures rising more than the 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels, which scientists and the majority of nations have agreed is the threshold for avoiding crippling heat waves and droughts, severe storms and floods, and increases in sea level.

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The decline of linguistic diversity in the world is linked to the world political economy which invades and takes over the territorities of indigenous peoples, threatens the ecosystems in which they live, wipes out their traditional means of livelihood, and (at best) turns them into low-caste laborers in the larger society in which they must now live on the margins.
Leanne Hinton (via selchieproductions)