"Get positive herpes and fuck the world." --- Aubrey Marcus

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The Leftovers, Jon Foster

It is true that most Israelis and Palestinians want peace, but that means different things for each side. For the Palestinians, peace means justice and the recognition of their rights, while Israel’s preoccupation is maintaining security and bringing an end to open hostilities. The Israelis have operated under the belief that they could attain their version of peace without having to meet Palestinians’ demands. Washington’s unyielding support for Tel Aviv, including military aid and diplomatic shield in the Security Council, has given Israel the ability to maintain its conception of peace.
Yousef Munayyer at Al Jazeera. The cease-fire is dead. Long live the cease-fire! (via protoslacker)

Exclusive Footage of MH17 Aftermath: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 60)


The Inspection, 1883, Ludwig Deutsch

As Freud makes clear in Civilisation and Its Discontents, civilisation will hardly save us: the moral face of civilisation, after all, is vengeance, and prisons are its exemplary institutions. In their place, Davis imagines communities that focus on healing and repair, on forms of responsibility that forge new social bonds for those who may have broken them.

Judith Butler in  London Review of Books. On Cruelty

The Death Penalty, Volume I

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Portrait by Natalya Milashevich. Tajikistan.


Throne of Blood
1957 Akira Kurosawa

To paraphrase J. B. S. Haldane: Our situation may not only be stranger than we suppose; it may be stranger than we can suppose.
Terence McKenna | True Hallucinations

What is DMT? Feat. Mitch Schultz | Reset.Me with Amber Lyon

Dimethyltryptamine is rapidly spreading around the world due to it’s ability to induce powerful mystical and healing experiences. DMT is known as the ‘businessman’s trip as the duration of the journey only lasts from 10-20 minutes.

In this episode, Amber speaks with filmmaker and culture hacker Mitch Schultz, writer and director of ‘DMT the Spirit Molecule’ about what happens during a DMT experience, the healing properties of DMT, and freedom of consciousness.

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That escalated quickly.


Le Poète et la Sirène, 1893, Gustave Moreau


Arthur Rackham, Faerie Folk (Frontispiece), Duffield & Company, 1914.

The Bug - 'Void / Function'


[New] The Bug :: Void/Function

[This LP is ganna be a big one this year]


A Phantom Lake

Members of a British-led expedition pause at a subterranean lake on the way to Titan Chamber in southern Guizhou Province, where it rains more than 50 inches a year. The lake appears and disappears as the rains come and go.

Picture: Carsten Peter

Source: National Geographic