"Get positive herpes and fuck the world." --- Aubrey Marcus

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I am something
I have not quite
found yet.

I am someone
I have not quite
met yet.
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How Israel Uses Twitter, Facebook & Tinder to Legitimize Murder | Brainwash Update


Larry Clark. “Teenage Lust - Untitled (Hustling in Times Square)”. 1979. New York, NY, USA.


The Unfulfilled Wish”, 1899, Julius LeBlanc Stewart.

Jack Kornfield: The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness


Decoding Israeli Newspeak
by copasetic64

The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary was developed in 2009. The Orwellian manual provides a detailed outline on how to “communicate effectively in support of Israel.”

One of its first instructions is that pro-Israeli propagandists need to show empathy. The manual insists that they should “show empathy for BOTH sides” (caps in original) as a way of gaining credibility and trust. To make sure that the point is understood, the manual repeats again (in bold and underlined this time) the instruction “use Empathy”—the suggestion being that empathy is an important tool to be used in the propaganda war.

When innocent Palestinian children and women are killed, the first response should be to show empathy; the next is to reframe the issue stating that Israel is not to blame and that it is only defending itself and further that it only wants peace. Even when it is raining death and destruction on Palestinians, the manual is clear: “Remind people—again and again—that Israel wants peace.”

Dictionary here:

SOURCE: The Slow Burning Fuse,



Joseba Eskubi - More selections from the ongoing series Insomnia and Hypnosia

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So I said, ‘Look, when I do the No. 2, I usually, you know, have a cigarette or I light something to get the aroma right.’ They said, ‘You know what? You can light a piece of napkin.’ I said, ‘I’ll do that.’ And the napkin was this.” [motioning inhaling from a blunt]
Snoop Dogg says he got high at the White House (via micdotcom)


Katy Wiedemann ~ “Rebirth of the Scientific Model

"This independent study project was an exploration of human anatomy using traditional Renaissance painting techniques. This life size painting stands at seven feet tall and hangs several feet above the ground to create the illusion of a hovering, saint-like figure." - Katy Wiedermann


James Warhola, The Second Shield