"Get positive herpes and fuck the world." --- Aubrey Marcus

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Dorothy Brett (1883-1977), Massacre in the Canyon of Death: Vision of the Sun God (1958), oil and spangles on board, 67.9 x 88.3 cm. Collection of Tate, UK. Via Tate.


George Grosz Punishment (Strafe) 1934


George Grosz
Punishment (Strafe)

Very Serious People know the importance of arming the rebels, and the rebels of the rebels, and of the governments fighting the rebels, and of the random people who might just be good guys today but who knows about tomorrow, because it’s what we know how to do and our friends get rich in the process.
Atrios at EschatonSurface To Air Missiles Kill People (via protoslacker)


Harley Quinn #8 Variant by Dan Panosian / Website / Tumblr


A Coming Storm

Sanford Gifford, American, 1823-1880

1863, retouched and redated in 1880

Oil on canvas

Philadelphia Museum of Art

To assume that language is simply a utilitarian tool for communication and that all languages are the same misses this deeper point that one’s culture, identity, and unique worldview are all housed within and transmitted through the language.
Brian McDermott (via languagemysteries)


Tarot number XXI


The Leftovers, Jon Foster

It is true that most Israelis and Palestinians want peace, but that means different things for each side. For the Palestinians, peace means justice and the recognition of their rights, while Israel’s preoccupation is maintaining security and bringing an end to open hostilities. The Israelis have operated under the belief that they could attain their version of peace without having to meet Palestinians’ demands. Washington’s unyielding support for Tel Aviv, including military aid and diplomatic shield in the Security Council, has given Israel the ability to maintain its conception of peace.
Yousef Munayyer at Al Jazeera. The cease-fire is dead. Long live the cease-fire! (via protoslacker)

Exclusive Footage of MH17 Aftermath: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 60)


The Inspection, 1883, Ludwig Deutsch

As Freud makes clear in Civilisation and Its Discontents, civilisation will hardly save us: the moral face of civilisation, after all, is vengeance, and prisons are its exemplary institutions. In their place, Davis imagines communities that focus on healing and repair, on forms of responsibility that forge new social bonds for those who may have broken them.

Judith Butler in  London Review of Books. On Cruelty

The Death Penalty, Volume I

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Portrait by Natalya Milashevich. Tajikistan.


Throne of Blood
1957 Akira Kurosawa